Everything You Need to Know about Choosing a Home Studio Audio Interface

The audio interface you choose to take advantage of is going to make or break your home studio set up. Responsible for handling all the heavy lifting of your musical production efforts, your audio interface is going to provide you with tools like pre-amplification, AD/DA converters, headphone amplifiers, and so much more. Every single note,

Microphone Types: Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to shopping for the best microphones, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by everything available to you. To that end, understand that even with so many different types of microphones on the market, we are still dealing with a finite list of ways in which to capture soundwaves in the air.

Make sure you are ready for studio session with these tips

Regardless of the rise from the bedroom musician, with fantastic documents becoming manufactured in property studios far more abundantly than previously, no DAW or VST plugin with your notebook can emulate the tactile, engaging and deluxe experience of making music in a really collaborative and centered surroundings; equipped with expert hardware, acoustically dealt with rooms

How to Deal with Creative Burnout

Every artist experiences creative burnout. Some are lucky to experience it once in many years. Many have to deal with it more frequently. There can be many reasons for creative burnout. Working constantly is a common cause. Exhausting sources of inspiration is also quite normal. Whatever is the reason for a creative burnout, it is

5 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Music

The dream is to land your music on people’s playlists. As a music artist, your goal is naturally to get Apple Music, Spotify, and other playlist curators to stream the songs you create and release. Most of all, you want to build a base of fans and supporters who will patronize and promote your music

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