The dream is to land your music on people’s playlists. As a music artist, your goal is naturally to get Apple Music, Spotify, and other playlist curators to stream the songs you create and release. Most of all, you want to build a base of fans and supporters who will patronize and promote your music alongside you. Now, how do you go about all this? How do you start channeling some attention and sales to your music? Following are 5 ways to get noticed by curators, build a fan base, and eventually sell your music.

1. Stream it, baby!

Songs are born to be shared and music lovers are ever ready to share them. Prioritizing a release via music streaming platforms may be a faster and wiser route for you. Digital products get sold quicker and land on people’s playlists faster. An online purchase tends to get additional, free promotional opportunities with it. It shows up on people’s purchase histories, product recommendations, trending music, new music, and more. Launch your career on Spotify and don’t let the lack of agents nor experience stop you. Remain as an independent artist if you like and let help you with the process of promotion and all.

2. Legitimize yourself.

Getting verified is important to establishing your artist account and presence, and solidifying your legitimacy. Remember to get that done promptly with your Spotify, Apple Music, and other music accounts so you can access and format your artist profile. Verification may take from a few days to a week.

3. Draw your audience.

They’re out there waiting to hear and buy your music. Establish rapport and connections with the people directly around you. Take advantage of opportunities for music exposure within your community, social network, and wherever doors open up. Accommodate the people who love your music. Letting people get to know you can go a long way in the promotion and selling of your music. Often, people promote and support people they already know and have personally connected with. The next time you sell your CDs, take time to thank the buyer and give him some interesting trivia about your compositions. It won’t be surprising at all to learn that your funny story of a particular song inspiration is trending in the music community offline and online.

Yes, online! Don’t neglect your online network. Exercise diligence in building your online presence and community as well. Engage your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and more. Notice those faithful likers and commenters who encourage you. Take time to answer some questions about you and your music that they are curious to know the answers to.

4. Use playlist tactics.

If you want to end on people’s playlists, you would need to play the playlist game.

Promote and submit your music directly to the music streaming service’s playlist. For instance, Spotify allows artists to send a direct playlist submission to its curators and to the editorial staff. You can easily submit an unreleased track for consideration. Provide them with useful details when you make the submission. Identify your track’s genre, instruments, and other information that helps with data-driven algorithms.

Reach out to independent curators. Get to know these individual “playlisters” and reviewers. Establish connections with them. Submit your piece for their enjoyment and even critique. Learn insights from them about what music lovers are looking for and try incorporating what will be in harmony with the style of music you create.

Create your own playlist. Give fans insight on how you enjoy your playlists as well. What themes you listen to and more. Of course, include some of your songs with popular music of other artists you are a fan of. Share these mixed playlists with friends and fans. Don’t forget to give a shout-out to the other artists you’ve included in your playlist. Their fans will eventually land on your mixed playlist, bringing more exposure to your music.

5. Create and share interesting press releases.

This is so important. Post a notice of your new album. Tell the world when it’s coming. Shoot your press photos. Upload an exclusive music video. Show a behind-the-scenes clip. Talk about the inspiration behind one of your songs. Send out a sampler music link.

Share them on your social media pages and artist accounts. Reach out to other music bloggers and music writers and invite them to check out your music or just get out some information published for you. These sites exist to share relevant information and news so your tracks have a big chance of getting promotion and sales.

5 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Music

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