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Press Release for Musicians

As a musician in a highly competitive marketing world, gaining exposure is everything. It is vital to get a well-constructed and precise message delivered to the right target audience to get noticed.

You worked round the clock to release a new album. Still, it failed to get enough visibility. The reason: you did not use a proper promotion strategy. This is where our press release service comes in to help.

Our press release service can give you media coverage and visibility on popular websites, Google News, and media outlets across the world.

Get Press Release for Any Music Genre

Our professional press release writing and distribution service cover all music genre, including hip hop, folk, jazz, pop, R&B, blues, country music, and rock. Whether you have a mixtape, music video, or song in any genre, we are here to give your project the edge it needs to get noticed by magazines and media across the world.

Our industry-standard, professional press release writers listen to each song carefully and come up with a concise and precisely-targeted release that will give wings to your work. We do not publish the press release until you are fully satisfied and give approval.

We know that a professionally written and distributed press release is essential to give your musical career a huge boost. For this reason, we go steps ahead to customize the press release to the requirements of the distribution networks and target audience.

Why Musicians and Artists need Press Release?

Since every day does not offer mind-blowing news pieces, media outlets and websites need something different and valuable to fill in the gaps. That’s where press releases come in. A press release is precise but contains enough information to make a compelling and newsworthy story.

For example, a musician just released a new album. Without the right promotion strategies, such as press releases, the collection is less likely to get enough publicity and visibility unless you are a world-renowned artist.

When you choose our service, we will write and distribute press releases onto 350+ news channels. 

Get More Followers on Social Media

We can also include links to your website, social media pages, YouTube channel, Spotify profile, and other sources within the press release. By doing so, we give you the best possible chances to get more visitors, followers, and plays on your website, YouTube channel, Spotify account.

Press Release Format and Style

While we use a particular format to write a press release, we are flexible to adapt it to each website or new outlet’s format and style requirements. Moreover, we write it in a journalistic style, so it does not sound like a sales pitch; otherwise, the press release will lose its credibility. You don’t have to worry about the technical stuff because we provide a press release service that includes everything, from getting the story from you to having it released.


Whether you choose our Guaranteed or Outreach Press Release service, we will always send you a detailed report, showing proof of completed promotion. The report will include links to the published press releases, besides social media links and screenshots.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from the apparent media coverage, our press release service offers additional benefits to artists and musicians.

  • Even if you don’t have a moving, tear-jerking tale to tell, a well-written press release can have an impact. All you have to do first is to choose us to tell your story. Our team of expert press release writers will craft a compelling story that can have media outlets notice you.
  • Compared to other methods of publicity, such as paid advertising, our press release service is fairly inexpensive. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you may otherwise spend on ineffective, expensive promotion strategies.
  • Our service will increase your visibility as a musician. Not only is this important for newbie musicians, but big shots also need regular PR to stay in the limelight. And we can plan a long-term press release strategy to keep you in the news for years to come.
  • We will help establish your credibility. You’re going to be seen as an expert in your niche. This image will come in handy the next time reporters are looking for someone in your niche to call on.
  • Every good music album has the potential to become popular. All you need is a good PR service like ours to tick all the boxes. Getting visibility on 350+ websites within days can bring you a great deal of exposure.
  • All of our press releases are SEO-friendly, which is essential to get you noticed in Google and Google News.
  • Our press release service will help you get more followers and plays on Youtube, Spotify, etc.

Act Now

As a musician, you can really tap into the world of publicity and reach a wider audience with a proper press release that we take charge of. Not only do we approach the regional and national music press but also reach out to media outlets around the globe to allow greater exposure and coverage to our valued clients. We will carefully curate your PR plan from start to finish, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either.

Buy one of our press release packages now and start getting the visibility that your hard work is entitled to.


Yes. We write a 400-word press release based on the information given at the time of the order.

Depending on your order, content will be sent to you for approval in 3-5 business days. Once the content has been approved by you, we will send press release to media outlets and in about 5 days will send your report.

Guaranteed press release should get you 300+ live links, and our outreach press releases usually provide 50-100 live posts however only on the most relevant website for you.

No. We can’t edit or retract a press release once it’s been syndicated. It is imperative your 100% happy with the content you approve.

The difference between the two is the syndication networks we use for each type of press release. Our guaranteed press releases are syndicated to global high quality news sites like Digital Journal, ABC, CNBC, FOX etc.


Our outreach press releases will be sent out to relevant music website contacts and journalists. We have thousands of media contacts of various magazines, radio stations and journalists. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee publishing or interviews.

Yes. Your press release will be syndicated in Google News.
Yes. We will send the press release for approval and will NOT send it out for syndication until we receive approval.
Yes. We can syndicate a press release you’ve provided us. Our standard terms will apply and we will syndicate the press release as you’ve sent it to us.


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